Vacsafe Wet Dry HEPA 3 Motor Industrial Vacuum Cleaner 220v~240v Model TV2407710 H CLASS

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Vacsafe Wet Dry HEPA 3 Motor Industrial Vacuum Cleaner 220v~240v Model 3238w

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Trolly included
3 x 1200 watt motor
Standard accessories
2200mm H2O water lift
Total 3600w with 77 ltr tank
Vacsafe Wet Dry HEPA vacuum

This vacuum cleaner comes with 3 motors for high power, powerful suction but with minimum noise. It is widely used in shops, airports, exhibition halls, conference rooms, construction sites and used for various large public occasions.  Controlled respectively by two switches, the motors can be operated simultaneously or separately.  That brings a great convenience to the user who can choose to start any number of motors so suit the occasion.  The product is designed to save energy for household applications.

All HME including light/medium vehicles.
Cabin doors and windows may be frequently opened by operators rendering HEPA filtration-pressurisation systems ineffective.  Also, dust contamination is brought into the cabin on the operator's shoes and clothing.  The use of a HEPA vacuum to clean the cab interior will reduce secondary exposure of the operators and enhance the Breathe Safe HEPA air filtration systems.

Dried mud forms fine dust particles.
Dust is easily disturbed and gets in the air.
Simply closing the door can cause high levels of airborne dust in the cabin.
Vibration in the cabin will also cause dust to become airborne.
You may be exposed to high levels of silica dust from opening and closing the door.